For Sale



After several years of successful trading, the Directors and Shareholders of RAVISHME.COM have decided to sell this amazing domain name. We believe that RAVISHME.COM has huge potential for development as a top lingerie and/or perfume brand. The name of Ravish Me conjurs up physicality and sexuality. It's also catchy and explicit.

Can you imagine a really sexy, seductive perfume branded as Ravish Me? Or a line of exquisite lingerie, under the Ravish Me brand. Or maybe a pair of tight, sexy jeans with the Ravish Me label. The potential is endless. Show me a lady, who would not be intrigued by a perfume called Ravish Me, or a line of lingerie under the same brand name. It's sexy. It's different. It will create attention and desire.

There is no doubt that this brand name has great potential for development and of course, there is the domain name, - a perfect web presence to showcase the Ravish Me brand.

So if the name is so good, why are we selling? Well the answer is simple really. We can see the massive potential of this name, but this type of product development is not within our company profile. We have already shown its potential as a sexy, evocative brand of perfume and lingerie. With this in mind we would like to see the brand develop.

We are now looking for offers from companies which would like to buy this domain from us. We would be interested in either renting the domain name based on a percentage of gross sales or selling the domain name outright.

Potentially this package is worth a great deal of money to any company involved in perfumes and/or lingerie. Isn't this the essence of what wearing perfume or lingerie is all about? In the right hands, Ravish Me and has massive potential for global profit.

We can be contacted by telephone on +44(0)1993-705864 or by email at either address: or , for the attention of Peter Finch, Managing Director. But hurry, demand and interest in this domain name is very high! Email us now.